Esoteric N-05XD clock recommendation

Hello all,

I'm very excited to be getting next week an Esoteric N-05XD. When I auditioned it it was connected to a Master clock which convinced me that having one really enhances the sound. The only issue is that the master clock that was used (Soulnote X3) is not available to buy in the US. So I've been trying to read up on other clocks I could add to the N-05XD. My budget is not unlimited, so I've narrowed it down to a few options:

- Esoteric G02/G02X or second hand Esoteric G01
- Mutec Ref10
- Cybershaft (not sure which one)

Out of all of these, which would you say is the best for the N-05XD? And if it's the Cybershaft, which model would be most suitable?

Or maybe there's another model in a similar price range I haven't considered?



Hi @txenakis

Congrats on the N-05XD. I've been considering one for some time. Cybershaft OP21A would be a great choice, as claimed by some esoteric owners. Albeit with a long wait period after placing an order, and is expensive too. I also saw some esoteric owners claiming very good results with a Teac CG-10M. After dark also makes clocks for esoteric and Dcs. But iam not familiar with their range. You basically need a 50 ohm / 10 mhz clock ( dcs is 75 ohm / 10 mhz so won't work).


I also read that with external clocks, the three below points are important :


1. Keeping the clock always on for thermal stability and accuracy. The teac displays the oven temp on its vu meter, to show when the clock has reached optimum temperature.

2. Isolation from vibrations. So a damping stand or isolators might be a good addition. I've read that for micro vibrations at such low level, isolators with isolation balls of carbide or germanium work well. There are some from the usual companies. 

3. Decent to good quality 50 ohm cabling.


On a different question, will you be streaming via ethernet or from a streamer. Anyways, it may be a good idea to get a clock with multiple outputs to sync your network switch, transport etc. Network optimisation is the current area of focus. And clocking plays a part. For that reason alone I would choose the teac over the cybershaft. All the best 😁

I use the Teac CG-10M with a 05XD and it definitely improves the sound. I have not compared other clocks though

Interested in what you discover...

I'm considering the TEAC CG-10M for my TEAC UD-701N, myself.   I can home demo from my dealer, so no risk involved.  I'd be using the internal TEAC streamer.

A gent from another thread indicated the CG-10M was a nice improvement.

Anybody have cable recommendations?  Doesn't look like the TEAC even comes with a freebie.


Just pinged to check if your goodselves have received your N-05XD. And how are you finding it so far. Thanks