Redbook Comparison Esoteric and Reimyo

Has anyone compared the Esoteric X-01 to the Reimyo CDP777 on Redbook CD's?
Kusina, I would refer you to a thread I started entitled: Reference DACS: An overall perspective, that contains the information that you are seeking. Each has wonderful but different sonic signatures, that are discussed as either #1 or #2 type flavors. Take a look, I think you will find it helpful.
Teajay, thanks for your response and for the reference to the thread you started on "Reference DACS." I read the thread, and to the extent I'm able made interpretations of the opinions entered. But while the thread deals mostly with DACs, my question is about specific one box players. One box players narrow comparative evaluations in that the manufacturers have selected the transports. Open-ended questions about DACs make for more complexity in that the transports used are usually quite variable, and the quality and condition of transports will affect the performance of the DACs. (Transports are in part friction devices, and are, I would think, more difficult to evaluate than DACs.)Anyway, I am inclined to go for a one box player, and while I have not as yet heard the Reimyo and Esoteric X-01 (or the new DCS and most other recent machines), various posts (yours included) speak very highly of one or the other. Since I can't audition all (or even many) possibilities, I'm hoping that fellow hobbyists can help me narrow choices for Redbook CD players.
Kusina, as you stated, even in one box redbook players, there are different "flavors/tastes" which offer somewhat different sonic prespectives in the system they are used in. So, if you would share some of your personnal tastes, along with what gear you use in your system, we could offer more specific suggestions to you. The two players you asked about are both great sounding, but offer very different sonic presentations. I could see if a system was somewhat "forward/bright" the X-01 might not be as good as a fit as the CDP777, however if a system is some what "dark/closed-in" the X-01 might make the whole system blossom. System synergy is always, along with personnal taste, important factors. Post some details and lets see if some more specific suggestions will come your way.
Tejay, thanks for your suggestion. I listen mostly to classical music, with some folk and country. My listening room is large, and there is a large opening into another room a few feet from the left speaker. Because of furniture arrangements, I usually sit about 17 feet from the speakers. The speakers are SF Amatis driven by an Accuphase A-50v and a Bat VK51 SE. All components are plugged into an Isoclean power conditioner. I presently use an Audiomeca Mephisto II (not the II x) for Redbook and a Marantz SA-1 for SACD. The interconnect to the Marantz is Cardas Golden Reference. All other interconnects are Nordost Quatro Fils. Power cords are various.
The Esoteric XO-1/UX-1 I feel are inferior to the Reimyo CDP-777 on RBCD. By the way, the Reimyo is not less bright or less detailed. The Reimyo is not soft or warm sounding. The Reimyo has more body to the sound and is more relaxed in its presentation. The Esoteric X0-1 is more dynamic, but not as musically satisfying on CD. I do not believe that this is a matter of "pick your flavor" to match your system. These players are quite different sounding.

Steve, I would never argue with your personnal opinion/experience regarding what your ear's told you. However, to say that the Esoteric XO-1/UX-1 is "inferior" on Redbook to the Reimyo is begging/negating the rest of your post. Regardless, of what language you use to describe the sound of both these pieces, they do both offer great sonics with different "flavors" as you state, therefore personnal taste not only enters the picture but the ever present importance of synergy and system matching. My hunch for what Kusina might like in his system is a type #2 sounding CDP. I suggest you put on your audition list the new Accustic Arts 24/192 upsampling CDP, along with the Reimyo. The Accustic Arts CDP sells for almost $8000.00 less then the reimyo, but might offer alot of its sonic performance for alot less expense.
If the new DCS machine is anything like their Elgar/Purcell, and I have read that it is, then my advice would be to search out one of these players for audition if at all possible. Yes, it mostly boils down to personal preference among these top-notch machines but, the DCS seems to always take me closer to the live event. It always exhudes a "reach out a touch me" presentation to musicians and, the scale, definition and soundstaging just sound so realistic. Instruments sound exactly like they do in person. I like other players too but, in comparison I seem to always perceive some mild flaw in them such as slightly restricted dynamics, or restricted soundstage, or slightly soft, reserved, etc. I just can't indentify a flaw of any significance in the Elgar/Purcell.
Esoteric UX-1 and X-01 are not the same players and they are not, IMO sounding the same. X-01 is better than UX-01 in RBCDP. Also, all Esoteric gear that I auditioned in my system( I own DV50s and tried D-70vu/P-70vu and D-01/P-01/G-0s combos) sounded very best via balanced(XLRs) connection. Reimyo CDP-777 is very good indeed but, IMO it is sounding best via single-ended connection. More or less X-01 and CDP-777 are in the same class-I agree with Teajay.
One other thing-Esoteric is using PIN2 positive on thier balanced connection and Reimyo is using PIN3 positive on XLRs. I personally heard Reimyo out of phase and his owner was raving about the sound... When I pointed out that we are listening in inverted phase he didn't belive it. After correcting the phase we listen again and he didn't like the sound of his player any more!! So, there are many issues about good sound...but, personal preferences are allways first,IMO.
I thank all correspondents. I'll put the Accustic Arts CDP on my list. My preamp, by the way, has all balanced inputs, though one can buy adapter plugs so that single-ended cables can be used. As to phase reversal related to disparities between XLR pins 2 and 3 being hot on different connected components, many persons (I am one) really can't tell the difference. Some people, of course, can hear a difference, which is why many preamp remotes have a phase reversal switch. Further, some CD's, I'm told, are recorded out of phase to others. (This is not the same thing as having speaker drivers out of phase, a more serious sonic problem.)
Sorry guys, I have lived with the Esoteric UX-1 and XO-1. Yes, the X0-1 is the better sounding player on RBCD. And yes, the Reimyo sounds better with the single ended outputs. This is just my opinion-not law! As for the balanced outputs, I am aware of the wiring. My Levinson 32 allows me to change phase easily. Having lived with both Esoteric players and the Reimyo, I presented an opinion. I did not mean to offend anyone, after all, I own the UX-1. But I feel that the Reimyo is superior in RBCD over the UX-1/X0-1. I stated why I feel the Reimyo is better.

The fact is, I'm not that hung up on a particular component or brand. Heck, if the Esoteric makes you happy what more can you ask for. This is just a hobby-not a religion. The original post asked to compare the Esoteric X0-1 with the Reimyo. I did that.

Now lets have fun and listen to some music!

Kusina, I own a Teac Esoteric X-01 with approx 650 hrs on it. I listen almost exclusively to classical music--mostly chamber and vocal, with some symphonic works. The rest of my system consists of: ARC LS2B (to be replaced by ARC Ref 3), Rowland 7M monos, MagnePan 3A. It is true that X-01 out of the box may sound somewhat etched, with a forward and excessive treble. You will hear that quite easily in most recordings with high strings, high brass, and even some cembalo. While soundstage, midrange and bass open up rather rapidly, the treble does take longer, and some anomalous and displeasing treble energy can be detected up to about 450 hours of break-in. It was at that very point that I was hearing what I can only define as a residual burr in the upper violin strings in high fingering positions on Lara St. John playing Bach violin solo works. Another 150 hrs of break in time appears to have cured the remaining problem. I listen to the X-01 also on Babybear's system on a regular basis: there is absolutely nothing inherently hard or thin or sterile about a well broken in X-01. The extension and harmonic structure is rich and well fleshed out across the spectrum; Micro and macro dynamics is splendidly defined, but not overblown for my type of music, transients are equally correct, detail is out of this world; Soundstage is large and three dimensional, instrument imaging is extremely precise. Overall a splendid machine with a great pulsating and emotional heart! Downsides? yes, plenty! This is like an Arabian Thoroughbread horse. . . it is incredibly sensitive to its power chord upstream, and to what is downstream. A PC can make it sound glaring and slightly chesty (Epiphany), or too dark and hard (some PS Audio), extended but thin (Nordost Valhalla), very sweet but with slightely de-emphasized dynamics, transients and treble (DCCA); or absolutely glorious extended fleshed out and controlled (Shunyata Anaconda Alpha) -- yes, that's what I said, Alpha, not VX, which I will instead test by the end of the coming weekend. Sorry I will not comment about Reimyo, as I have not heard it.
In a nutshell . . . this is a magnificent player for classical music lovers. Note, I own only two SACDs.