Esoteric N-05XD - what about a N-03T Transport and G-05 Master Clock

I have an Esoteric N-05XD coming soon. 

Due to my isolated dealer choices, it’s sound unheard.

Im a bit of a novice source/transport streaming wise. I have a Innous ZENMini Mk3 with ZENmini LPSU. 

Would the Esoteric N-03T Network Transport and G-05 Master Clock Generator be considered a substantial and well worth it upgrade to the N-05 XD ? 


I have a N-05XD and bought a Teac GG-10M clock since Teac owns Esoteric. It did make a nice improvement and was well worth the cost. It is less expensive then the Esoteric version.

I now have the Esoteric N-05XD, but I’m currently evaluating a second hand Chord DAVE - running direct into ATC Active 100’s.

Very, Very happy with that sound, I’ll unbox  the Esoteric soon and evaluate that as well.

I was just thinking, a very good preamp is almost always a good choice for ultimate sound quality.

So, would / should my DAVE and say the Chord Ultima Pre 3 preamp as a combo out perform an Esoteric N-05 XD / Go-05 master clock combo ?

Long story short, a brand new Esoteric N-05XD has unseated my Chord DAVE.

And it wasn’t even close…. The DAVE will now be boxed up and sold.

I have also got a Innuos ZENith mk3 to replace a ZENmk3 & LPSU. Will unbox that this weekend. What would be the next logical step, Innuos Phoenix USB Reclocker, Phoenix Net - network switch or the Esoteric G-05 Master Clock ?

I am in no rush to decide.



we did a shootout of our 432evo aeon vs the 25,000 Innous statement with next gem psu.


The 7800 Aeon sounded just as good  so you would be best off selling the zenith and getting an Aeon which will outperform the zenith.

Dave and Troy 

Audio Intellect  NJ.

432evo Dealer