Esoteric vs Simaudio

I own a Simaudio Neo 260D w/ dac. 

I've been interested in either getting the Sim 650D or the Esoteric K series. 

Can anybody compare these sonically from experience?

I have Simaudio Andromeda, which is good but, 2005 technology.  But I have to say it holds up very well.   I also have Esoteric K01X with not very hours on it.  Both good.  Andromeda has sound further back in the hall.  Esoteric closer.  Andromeda has big sound, like big soundstage, K01x smaller.  It seems detail for K01X a bit more.  Both great.  I have not heard 650D, and I read its very good.  K01X has SACD and options of filters.     Transport of Esoteric K01X is Neo VRDS one of the best. 

Simaudio had 10 year warrenty on non moving electronics, 3 years moving parts, Esoteric 3 years. 

Esoteric has option of a clock, for 6500 extra.  G02x I think.  No regrets with any of those purchases.