ESS Translinear

I know there is an older post about this topic someplace, however I thought I would be more specific. I tried to buy a pair of ESS Translinear speakers the other day because I remembered I really liked these speakers back in the 1970's. I limited my offer to a token amount because they needed some repairs and the drivers and electronic crossover are 40 years old so the seller declined my offer. I was curious to hear how these vintage speakers from the early 1970's compared to my Acarian System Alon 1's. Does anyone know how the ESS transmission line bass with the Kef B139 woofers would compare to the sealed box designs of my more modern day Alon's?
IF the Translinears function properly meaning all drivers
are doing well,you might find the bass is very good.Some
experimenting with location in the room is always required
as the system vents through the bottom. I have a vintage pair of Transtatics(1976)that I normally use tri-amped. The
Transtatics are similar to your speakers with the exception
of the tweeters,(electrostat vs:Kef) and larger cabinet. One thing for sure,your amp needs to exert tight
control over the woofer system.I have seen Carver 400's
work well as well as Krells,old SAE's etc:. The real issue
is amps that do well on the low end may not to do well on
treble,thus the bi or tri-amping that most serious ESS
owners in the greater Sacramento area moved to.Once set
up and tweaked,the speakers are capable of some serious
performance.There seems to be a decent supply of Kef drivers available for repairs if needed despite the age of the systems.I also rebuilt my crossovers using new higher
end capacitors and resistors.