Estate sale find - Vintage Sansui SP-3500 (any good?)

Went to an estate sale (parents in their 90's passed away) and found a pair of Sansui SP-3500 speakers along with a Sansui 5500 receiver. Seems to be working. The speakers weigh a TON. I was shocked how heavy these things were.

How do these old speakers compare with modern speakers? Do people refurbish the cones/woofers as I imagine they must be quite old.

They were asking $75, I offered $50 and they accepted. From a $/pound perspective seems like a great deal.  
Look them up on line, I am sure you will find a plethora of information.
Isn't plethora a dandy word?!
Great deal no really i had this stuff in 1969 got it in Viet Nam at the PX.Today this stuff does not compare with new stuff it will sound very dated but if your happy enjoy it.Do not plan to sell it and make big  money.Good luck though.
Not to be confused with being called a dandy.
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A buddy of mine had a pair of the SP-3500's that he bought in Vietnam. He was complaining about one of them not sounding right so I replaced the electrolytic capacitors in the crossovers on both of them with Dayton polypropylenes.

The sound improved a LOT, so you may want to consider doing that.
Dumb question but I tried to remove the front grills and they don't want to come out easily. I am afraid I might break the grill (made of wood). Any secret to taking them off? 
They are allegedly attached by screws by each corner. Take a look see.
YouTube has a video on it.