Ethernet - Analog/Digital Signal Clean Up

Curiosity got the better of me recently and I tried a pretty cheap tweak where I used two Fiber Optic converters between the eero access point and my Lumin U1 Mini streamer. Converted from copper Ethernet to fiber optic then back to copper and then into streamer using my Supra Cat8. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the improvements this change had brought into my system and now I am wondering if I can do better. One other aspect of the current configuration that I don’t like is the clutter - each unit comes with it’s own power supply and add to that a fiber optic cable. I already have a spider web of wires and am not looking to add to that. 

Objective is to have as much noise, RFI and EMI removed before it reaches the streamer. 

Seeking opinions on the following units from those who had tried them in their systems:

  1. English Electric Network Switch 8 (Silent Angel is pretty much the same thing)
  2. Uptone EtherREGEN (currently out of stock)
  3. Network Acoustics Eno (box or streaming system)


What is your experience with these units?

Anything else to add to the above list? 


Thanks in advance!


The passive ENO filter from Network Acoustics is very effective in reducing noise and for clutter free application. All other solutions while maybe effective adds substantial clutter. As @sns pointed out, streaming DAC is one way to avoid multiple connection points thus limiting exposure to potential noise entering connecting devices in your signal chain. In any case, Ethernet optimization is now a necessary evil if you’re interested in exploring full potential of streaming.

I quickly read up on the Bonn N8 etherswitch and it's jitter improvements. I am scratching my head a bit, most streamers have a buffer that is at least several hundred milliseconds , if not seconds or 10's of seconds..  When the ethernet frame hits the streamer, the music payload is extracted and placed in this buffer, where it sits around a bit. How exactly does reducing jitter from 700 to 400ps within the confines of a etherswitch provide a sonic improvement?

Amirm has interested review on EtherREGEN Switch with strong opinion on whole Ethernet Regeneration phenomenon, based on measurements and AB tests.


Can you really hear the difference if doing a blind test?  I would think having people sit down and listen by not telling them they are listening to with and without would be the true test.  Kind of like The Emperors New Cloths Syndrome.  It would probably cost $4,000 to buy two power conditioners in my system to find out.  What would I hear that is significantly better?

Much like Amirm, I have over 30 years networking experience. I installed my 1st Ethernet in 1987 , "thicknet" complete with vampire taps. The last 10 years or so I have focused on circuit emulation over packet based networks , primarily for the Power generation and distribution folks. Jitter & latency reduction does play a big role in certain circuit types such as teleprotection. But latency is not a factor in music streaming, and network  jitter  cannot  be a factor , as the I mentioned above , the ethernet frames are long gone by the time the data content is buffered, uncompressed and sent to the DAC.. The DAC clock , has nothing to do with the ethernet network, and  vice versa. Unless of course the streamer is doing some type clock recovery via synchronous ethernet , or RFC 1588. And I highly doubt that.  Of course this does not even take into account that some streamers are TCP based , and packets are arriving in clumps and are acknowledged. But, if you like the idea, or feel you hear a $600 difference, who am I to argue.