Ethernet Cables Make A Difference

I recently replaced stock with Wireworld Starlight 7 ethernet cables between wall port and Bluesound Vault 2. Matched head to tail. I also replaced cables connecting router  and router to switch. Since there should no loss of digital info in transmission, I was surprised that first swap made a difference, and even more surprised that second swap added to signal improvement made by first. Sound is more precise without a loss of musicality. Sound stage is wider and deeper.
Gotta one of best bang for buck tweaks.

System: Fibre to house via ATT. ATT router to Netgear switch via Starlight 7. Cat6 cable in wall to ethernet port. Port to Vault via Starlight 7. Vault to Parasound JC2BP to Parasound A21 to Vandersteen Quatro CT. All plugged into Furman PFI 20.

@GeoffkaitThought it would make you smile that Wireworld cables are directional.