Ethernet connection for best sound quality

As far as I'm aware of for streaming audio with tidal hi fi plus ethernet. I need; besides modem and router.

1) A Streamer

2) A ethernet card specifically for audio jcat or matrix if I use my computer

3) Shielded ethernet cat 5 or better cable

So from wall to modem to router to streamer to dac, correct?






I have an Innuous Zenith running through a Lab 12 Dac. Use all Transparent interconnects. Everything was bought used. Saved over 50 percent 

. Way better than my old system. I also drive a Porsche.

@yage IMO and with all due respect, I am a former Innuos owner and there stuff (here we go…) is overpriced and underpowered in my experience. I had a Zenith MK3 and the InnuosUSB as my Roon core server and streamer and it was outclassed by an Intel NUC I built myself for less than $1000. I am not trying to make your point, which I may have done. But what I am saying is that if you want to use a good purpose built streamer as an example, use a better one than Innuos. I can name a bunch. But I won’t right now.

There are many ways to skin a cat. If you’re new to streaming audio, I’d suggest you first assess what you can do with what you already have; then buy the minimum you need to deliver the streaming service(s) you want. You can (and probably will) upgrade later.

Most of us already have a computer that is perfectly adequate for hosting music software and streaming services, as long as it has an ethernet port and a USB port, and as long your HiFi system is equipped to receive the USB output. Connect it all up, then start exploring the available music software (eg Roon vs. Audirvana), streaming services (Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music), and perhaps Digital Signal Processors (HQ Player, Bacch4Mac). You may start encountering issues such as computer fan noise, klunky user interfaces, limited multi-room capabilities, or limited streaming content for the kind of music you like. If so, explore what might be available to address those issues.



Anyone here have a Mytek Empire streamer? Or heard one? Expensive but might dispel your audiophile streamer opinions and streamer/DAC opinions. 

Very well built.