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Speaker cable length.
Townshend Fractal speaker cables can be of dissimilar lengths due to the way they treat the copper wires.   
Townshend platform under digital component or amplifier ?
I have all Townshend everything. Allegri preamp, Cables and Seismics...I put 4 pods of appropriate weight bearing under my Rowland Monoblocks, sub and all other components. Seismic rack corners, a platform under my turntable and platforms under my... 
OCD mickey website and negativity.
Mikey's a good guy. We've corresponded in emails...I believe he means well and does know his stuff. I have 4 Rowland amps so the fact that he believes in them so strongly assuages any skepticism for me.   
Best power cord for Audioquest Niagara 1200
M101 Nova  
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
Lightly used pair of JM Lab'Focal Mezzo Utopia's....  
The $10,000 Question
If you could find a nice used pair of JM Lab/Focal Mezzo Utopia's you'd be golden.  Many think those were one of the best speakers Focal ever produced.   
Humminguru record cleaner
@dogberry Great. Thanks..Do you ever find static electricity built up after the 1st cleaning?    
Humminguru record cleaner
@lewm Wow. I never would have even thought that a possibility.  Has there been any studies?  
Humminguru record cleaner
@dogberry Ahh. Thank you....So a final ultrasonic wash after your Loricraft. Interesting Have you noticed noise after cleaning with the Loricraft? And that is eliminated after the Degritter?  Cleaning 1 record must take about 20 minutes using bo... 
Humminguru record cleaner
How interesting. Doesn't Hummingbird also make an Ultrasonic stylus cleaner too? I've always wondered if those would work or possibly jeopardize the stylus due to the waves. I have a Loricraft 4 RCM with L'Art du Son liquid.... Does a great job s... 
Power cable for AQ Niagara 5000
M101 Nova with a 20A plug.   
Where to go next with the turntable
Removeable headshells add resonance and are a weak link in a tonearm. Convenient but lower performance.   
Speaker Cables : Moderate priced
Townshend F-1 Fractals  
RCA Phono Interconnect Under $400
Townshend F-1 Fractal  
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
A used pair of JM Lab/Focal Mezzo Uptopia's. Best speakers JM Lab ever made.