Ethernet switches the good and bad

Hello myself and northeast Audio club have done a lot of testing  ,

a simple switch is very noisy , I own both uptone audio ,Ether regen ,around $5-650 as well as Sonore deluxe. Both of these needs high quality Linear Power Supply to truly be optimum ,by far the best best built and sonically is the Linear Tube Audio is a great buy and over 6 pounds  with a very good Dc cable modt chsrge $150 extra  the only upgrade That works is fuse to synergistic purple and put a decent power cord a solid 10% improvement still the Linear Tube Audio LPS is $750

one company in Hong Kong  by friend tried Ediscreation - extreme is pretty decent but at $1800 Waay over priced s Hong Kong dollar very over priced, and if any issue send back to Hong Kong ,very $$

by far the best I have heard is the Synergistic Ethernet switch which comes with the $200 purple fuse,a $500 power cord it Retails $2200 but can be bought around $1700 and built in high end power supply ,this is actually a excellent product your streaming is much much more analog and detailed ,my brother owns one and that may be my next purchase. in my system it made a nice improvement and I already have a Denafrips Hermes DDC that cleans up digital noise very well . Each product mentioned above works to cleanup noise coming after the router, which BTW 

I bought a LPS 12v up to 8amp from little green computer for $299 and put a Pangea sig power cord with a synergistic Orange fuse. Got rid of the noisy junk wall wart plug , a noticeable improvement and made even wifi signal to TV better, yes these are tweaks but, being a Audiophile nothing is off the table to try .I just wanted to mention this ,and see what others maybe using , Enjoy you 🎶 music 🎼 




😂😂😂 I need to line up here. Same way. 

🤣🤣🤣 I maybe go a little bit further. I add a $10 linear power PCB to the the PSU side. 

They already made me happy. 


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Somebody try this? DX Engineering ISO-PLUS Ethernet RF Filters DXE-ISO-PLUS-2.

I run my Etherregen on a Ferrum Hypsos hybrid power supply, purple SR fuse and an external clock on a long dog audio LPS with an orange fuse. Upgraded power cords an word clock cable.  it's fed by fibre and exits via short AQ vodka directly into my digital streaming amp.


I used to run Ethernet through power line at the start. 


My system sounds totally different now to then.


I think the switch is key because I use the Lyngdorf TDAI3400 built in streamer. If I ran a separate high quality streamer I think the switch would be far less critical. 

Here we go again. A switch will not do anything, at all, ever, for sound quality.


and as for synergistic research, the owner, Ted Denney, has posted online how he makes money of fools buying his products that doesn’t do anything. So there is that.

and, John Swenson of UpTone, Etherregen producer, has been ridiculed for making up terms which he admitted was to fool laymen.