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So many YouTube clips to evaluate sound quality. Why???
You tube has some truly exceptional recordings as well as some really crap ones. Be careful as some have been "mastered" with systems that don't go below 40hz and if you have subwoofers you can get some awful bass sounds.  
So you just took a gummie...What song is on the menu?
Funkadelic Maggot Brain  
I second the suggestion of a twin driver sub, I recently went from an old rel stentor III to a studio III. night and day better, smoother bass response at the listening position.  
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
Great post, fantastic build, enjoy your new system.  
Ethernet switches the good and bad
I run my Etherregen on a Ferrum Hypsos hybrid power supply, purple SR fuse and an external clock on a long dog audio LPS with an orange fuse. Upgraded power cords an word clock cable.  it's fed by fibre and exits via short AQ vodka directly into m... 
My Luxman Integrated has AC Inlet Envy
fo.q ta 32 tape, it's 0.3mm thick has anti static properties too, a bit like furutech ncf. Dampens vibrations too, also comes in ta102 which is 1mm thick.   highly reccomended can be bought on eBay from Japanese sellers very reasonably.    
DC blockers - what's your experience
I'm using a Long dog audio one inline to my power conditioner.  it makes a positive effect in my opinion in my system but it does limit my power cord to 12 gauge.   my issue is a fish tank with variable DC pumps and variable LED lights.   one ... 
Anyone tried fiber into EtherRegen SFP?
I had audible gains putting a Cisco 2960 switch before my Etherregen and using fibre between the 2. Which SFP modules you use apparently will affect the outcome though,  I've only tried a pair of very cheap 2nd hand cisco ones that are not partic... 
Network Acoustics Eno Streaming System vs SGC Optical Isolation System
good thread guys.   I'm an Etherregen user and I feed it with optical from a Cisco 2960. Adding in the optical was very noticeable. I have a cheap Chinese 10mhz clock on the ER. That does make an audible difference.    I too am drawn to the s... 
Has anyone tried the new Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer - Ethernet Filter?
You do generally have to try these tweaks and evaluate yourself.    @curiousjim , what about trying a Wi-Fi extender with an Ethernet port, you can hard wire the Hegel to the extender.      
Has anyone tried the new Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer - Ethernet Filter?
@curiousjim I would advise you to try to take out the power line adapters if possible, hard wire or wireless.  made a big difference when I took mine out, they were on the same ring main as my stereo though (UK member).  
The best plug in filter ever!
Congratulations Thomas  
Streamers and their Fuses
you might be right @brandonhifi .   They are getting good reviews.    
Streamers and their Fuses
I've just this week put an SR purple in my Etherregen power supply from stock fuse. 2 days in and there is immediate improvement. Experience tells me I'll need to wait a week or 2 to get to the endpoint. It's a shame GTO isn't open to trying a fu... 
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Ferrum Hypsos hybrid power supply.   Programmable from 5 to 30v and can put out 6 amps.   Big step up from my previous LPS on a network switch in my streaming setup.