Evo Gen II users--any AC line conditioner advice?

I'm setting up a new Evo4 Gen II-based system that I plan to run in balanced 2-channel mode. I'd appreciate any advice on power line conditioning from Evo users.

Specifically, how do Evo's respond to AC line conditioners and do any particular products/filtering approaches work better for Tripath amps than others? Thanks.
I have a Shunyata Hydra feeding my Bel Canto Evos. It replaced PSAudio and Richard Gray. Just make sure you get it with one of the more expensive Shunyata cables to the wall.
The MGE Topaz Ultra-Isolator is one of the best power conditioners for highly efficient switching amplifiers and, if applied correctly, they are among the best conditioners for any amplifier, even the highly inefficient linear designs.

I have used the Ultra-Isolator on my evo amplifier and the results were every bit as good as when I used the PS Audio power regenerator unit. Actually, I thought it was better all things considered.