Exogal DAC

Hi there,

I'M looking for a Wadia DAC and know the new Exogal is the new company of Wadia's original designer, is it true that the Exogal is the same house sound of Wadia previous DAC ? really appreciated anyone can give comments on it.

I like super fast sound, tight bass, transparency, crystal clear sound with no warmth, prefer in cool side of sound.

Thanks in advance.
Several reviews of the Exogal have been published. Should turn up in a search.
Sounds like $500 optional power supply is necessary for optimal results.
The Exogal Comet is one of the most musical dacs I have owned. Very enjoyable and the Bluetooth app. for volume works excellant. My dac search is over. 
Anyone using the Exogal Comet, I strongly urge you to maximize the software used for playback of PCM files. In my review of the Comet at Dagogo.com I point out that using HQPlayer Software I am able to take a signal from a modest stock Mac Mini and via HQPlayer up convert it to 32bit/6.1MHz. The Comet LOVES this up conversion, and so will your ears! 

Remember, all cables are critical, and yes, the power cords and USB cables as well. 
Can you explain what the HQPlayer Software is and how it works for the Exogal.