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Best Used Speaker Under $4,000 w/ Respectable Lows
used Odyssey Kismet <$4K  
I Cried Today
Thanks for sharing. Very moving and refreshing to the heart. Yes, God is very good.   
Usher CP-6381 Tyler Acoustic D1's Carnegie Acoustic  CST-1(upgraded) Odyssey Audio Kismet (lastest version)  
The best plug in filter ever!
Can you use the Puron in conjunction with the add-power eau2?   Has anyone did a direct comparison?  
Adjusting Azimuth on VPI Prime Signature Turntable
Thanks for the feedback. I will reach out to SS.  
RiP Peter Breuninger AVShowrooms
RIP! Big loss to our audiophile community. I loved his passion for all things audio.  
Audiophiles in Louisville-Prospect-Goshen Kentucky Areas
If you are in the Louisville area I am selling a pair of Acoustic Geometry 'CURVE' Diffusers. They retail for $700. I am selling for $150.  I don't need them any longer and hate to see them set in the garage.  They do a great job at first reflecti... 
Which amp to use with Linear Tube Audio pre?
Using my LTA Microzotl preamp with an Odyssey Kismet stereo amp. Sounds amazing.  
Nietzsche and Runaway Audio Consumption
"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven" - The Bible The Bible doesn't say having money is wrong, but instead says the love of money is. Meaning putting anything in place of a relationship... 
Star Grounding and the Home
What about devices like the Puritan Audio Labs grounding Master? You drive a second grounding rod in the ground and run a wire from that rod to the Puritan Audio Labs grounding Master and from the grounding Master to the ground on their condition... 
Has Nordost forgotton who pays the bills?
I recommend buying from authorized dealers or members with excellent feedback.  However, It seems that US companies producing audio cables/components have no choice but to provide a verification service. They must protect their brand. It is a real... 
3 New UBER Decks - Is this Turntable's SwanSong? 🦢
I have owned very nice digital systems and currently own a very nice vinyl system. I love both formats. You can check more boxes with digital. This still comes down to personal preference.  What do you like? Regardless of all of the technical talk... 
Snake oil??
Has anyone tried the new High Fidelity Cables enhancer?  or done a comparison with TC?Thanks, 
VPI Classic Setup By Brian Walsh
Had Brian setup my VPI Prime Signature with Hana ML cartridge last night.  Improvement was vast and now my rig is dialed in.  IMHO his service is a no brainer unless you are an expert with all of the tools.  Highly recommended.... 
Noise Goblin
Thanks all.  I will share this with my electrician.To start I will be changing the gfi plug this week in th.e bathroom.