Experience with Glanz MH-10Bt? Luxman PD-171A

I’m considering upgrading the stock Jelco type tonearm on my Luxman PD-171A.  My go to guy in Japan is suggesting the Glanz MH-10Bt tonearm. Glanz also has an attractive mounting option for this specific turntable.  

I’m using a Koetsu Black gold line.  However, I have an Urishi Tsugaru new in the box that I’m saving for a better tonearm.

My phonostage is a Line Magnetic that I plan on upgrading to either a Zesto or BAT VK-90P.  Record mat in use is a SAEC-300mk2.

Does anyone have listening experience with this tonearm?  Other suggestions are welcome for both tonearm and phonostage.  I like the dust cover so it’s important to me that I can close it without interference.



The Tonearm of the PD-171 is already very good. I tried several recent Jelcos and SME 309 and M2-9R.

i have just  just installed the LTA-710 which is the tonearm delivered with the new  PD-191. You also need to order a new baseplate for it, 

Produced by SAEC on the basis of the Jelco TS-850S MKii. Much more refined though and much higher quality. 

Beautiful tonearm, clearly better then the Jelco 250 derivate that is incorporated on the PD-171. 

That’s great news!  I was considering that tonearm and was advised it wouldn’t be available as a stand alone product.  However, I’ll visit my guy in Japan tomorrow as I’m guessing he might have access to that tonearm. 

Much appreciated reply. 

The LTA-710 has now been in use for a few weeks. It is an absolutely beautiful product that sounds exceptionally good. The tonearm cable is too bright/shrill, i changed to the Van den Hul 501 Siler Hybrid, it goes very well together with this tonearm.

The downside of this tonearm is that you are very limited in the weight of the cartridge as it allows only up to 11g, so you have to work with the weight of the headshell.

The Koetsu Urushi loves high effective mass.  This is not a subtle need. It almost doesn't matter how good the tonearm is as much as high effective mass does matter.  I use an Ortofon LH9000 headshell (18g) on a Fidelity Research FR64S. That combination gets the best out of my Urushi, compared to my Triplanar and a few other very good tonearms.

Hi all responders,


im now considering just going with the PD-191A. 

Im not an expert when it comes to high mass, compliance and such.

What could I do to make the stock tonearm of the PD-191A more favorable towards the Tsugaru?  Headshells were mentioned.  Any favorites?

Or maybe the Glanz MH-10Bt is better on the PD-171A?

For heavier combinations of cartidge/headshells you wil have to order a heavier counterweight.

There is nothing wrong matching the Urushi Tsugaru with the Luxman LTA-710. You are trying to match the tonearm to a given cartrige. It should be the other way round. 


That makes perfect sense.

I’ve made a decision where I’m going with this. It’s just not going to happen over night.