Experience with Linn Select DSM?

Does anyone have direct experience with the Linn Select DSM system w/ Katalyst?  Please see: https://www.linn.co.uk/sources/network-music-players/selekt#selekt-dsm-with-katalyst

I have decent electronics already (NAD M12 Pre/DAC and M22 Amp) being sourced by a Node 2 server going into the DAC via SPDIF.  I’ve been auditioning other servers to upgrade the Node 2 and in the search process, came across this unit from Linn.  It is elegant and functionally very nice.  The appeal is that I could sell my other gear and have one box that does what I need.  But, I’d only be interested in doing this if it was better overall than what I have.  Unfortunately, I have no local dealers.  I’ve heard it in a nice shop in AZ, but that means nothing as it’s not a comparison to what I have.  Of course, the salesman thought it would be a step up from what I have.  Not surprisingly, I’m skeptical of that claim.  But, it is a cool piece.

So, anybody here with direct experience and insights to share?
I went big and got the Klimax DSM.  I don't know if you have read much about Linn but they believe in Source First approach, that the source is the building block of a sound system. 

So you are debating going for the Select DSM vs DSM + AMP OR go up a level with the Akurate system hub + amp?

Personally I prefer to keep DAC & streamer functions separated from pre-amp & amp, it give you more flexibility down the road to tweek.
Azbird: I’m envious.  I’m sure the Klimax DSM is spectacular! But, it’s outside of my budget.  Would love to hear one side by side the lessor units.  Someday.

I’m thinking your right that I should skip the amplifier section and just go with the streamer/DAC/preamp functions if I do this.  I have a pretty good (and far more powerful) amp that I wouldn’t get any more for than the additional cost of the amp section anyway.  I appreciate the advice.

yyzsantabarbara: thanks for the link to the review.  That was helpful.  It may not be the best measuring unit, but it does seem as if people generally agree the sound is quite good.  That was for the unit above what I’m looking at, but relevant nonetheless.  One constant was that most agreed you pay up for being a Linn owner.  But, it seems the Select DSM might actually be a decent value for me.  

I’m still working out doing this or just upgrading my streamer, but greatly appreciate the input/feedback.


@mgrif104 I posted a question to you on another thread and I see you have answered it already here. I have now heard the Linn Selekt DSM and the NAD M12. I was really impressed by the NAD M12 so much so that the Linn has lowered in my interest. The store I demoed the M12 was also a Linn dealer but did not have the Selekt yet. The lack of analog inputs on the Linn Selekt is a stumbling block.

I was informed that I would not really need DSP my room and the speakers I was interested in so the M12 is now an option.
@mgrif104 I took the plunge into the Selekt DSM Katalyst around the first of the year, so I have about 5 months on it. Do note that this is my first music streamer, and purchased it while auditioning new speakers, last December. It was not something that I thought I needed until I heard it.
So far, I love the sound and function of this piece of equipment. No listening fatigue, and I sit for hours each evening exploring new (and old) music.
I purchased Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions, and use these through the Linn Kazoo app. It's all ridiculously easy. I do wish the Kazoo app had a more Tidal-like interface.  
Well, I don't know if this helps. $7000 is not trivial. I am relieved that my wife has never asked me how much I paid. That would create a moral dilemma that I am not sure I am mature enough to navigate.