Experiences w/ Black Cat Cable loudsp. cables?

Considering a purchase of a set of their cables. Does anyone have actual experience with either or both of their two loudspeaker products -- the neo-Morpheus (tres geeky!) and/or the LectaLine? Also, I gather that the designer used to work at and/or own Stereovox. How might the two product lines (Black Cat and Stereovox) compare?
I tried both the Morpheus and Lectraline. Morpheus didn't work out in my system - I found it a bit grainy without any other particular advantages, unfortunately.

The Lectraline was much better. Sound is very well balanced in all areas, and I think it's a bargain at the price. Only problem was it exhibited some RF pickup (I live in a terrible area not far from some radio masts) so I sent them back. Then again, the only cable I've found that was immune to this is the Audience AU24E that I ended up getting instead. I would have considered keeping the Lectraline otherwise. If you don't have RF problems, I would give them a try cause of the money back guarantee.
I purchased a pair of the Lectraline ICs and found them to be excellent. Very quiet and natural tone quality. Chris Sommivigo, the designer of the BC cables, also designed the Stereovox cables, but I don't know how they compared. Stereovox was out of my price range. The BCs did require quite a bit of break-in to sound their best, IMO. If you believe in that sort of thing.
I own the Black Cat Neo Morpheus loudspeaker cables. I found their performance to be just excellent in my second system (with Harbeth SHL5 and Joseph Pulsar speakers). Excellent dynamics and deep bass. A big plus is that they are thin & lightweight which makes them very pliable. I cannot compare them with Stereovox products as I have never owned one.
Superb cables!! I have owned many many many cables and now
have all of Chris's cables in my system. I even have a pair
of IC's from the Stereovox day's. Now have the newest BC's
(Coax) and Lectraline IC's and speaker cables.

Can't really explain what makes them so good, other to just
say everything sounds so right all the time. He should have
named his cables "Planetary Alignment" because it just all
comes together!