Experiences With AVM Audio Essential Mono Block Amps?

Was curious if anyone has spent time in front of these amps. What are your impressions?


I'm a new dealer for AVM and just got MA 8.3 monoblocks and the PA 8.3 and I've never been so impressed and found amps that do all the things I look for in a system.  I love a big wide Soundstage, speakers disappearing and multi levels and layers. I'm excited and impressed every time I turn them on. I'm running canton reference 3K math MIT xlrs and old monster m speaker cables by wired. I'm selling my almost new mark Levinson gear and sold my parasound JC1+ ND JC2+ for these and will never look back. Upward and onwards! If your interested let me know I'm happy to hook you up. Justin Jacopi Designs 415-246-6607