Experiences With Costly Balanced XLR Interconnects Above $3,000

I’ve had great success going with quality (and costly) mains power cables in the main system. In my experience power cords bring the most significant difference in comparison to interconnects and speaker cables. However, I have not really tried the best interconnects out there.

I currently have the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 XLR and an Acrolink 8N-A2080III Evo XLR in the system. Both sound excellent although different in their presentation. I’m wondering if the top-of-the-line WW Platinum Eclipse 8 XLR or Acrolink Mexcel DA6300IV XLR will bring a noticeable or worthwhile improvement to the sound.

Any experiences would be appreciated.



Gotta admit, I had to look up the 2nd law of thermodynamics...

Learned somethin' today...


I know the 2nd law of thermodynamics but it doesn’t help explain why the Transparent cables and MIT CABLES sound so much better than just plain wire.

Regarding Nordost XLR cables: I owned several pair of Frey 2 cables in different lengths, but I was never as happy with them as I was with comparable lengths of Frey 2 RCA cables. Counter-intuitive based upon the way they’re supposed to work, yes, but that was my experience. Once I upgraded to the Tyr 2 XLR cables, I could definitely hear an improvement on par with what I heard with Tyr 2 RCAs. 

The Tyr 2’s don’t come up for sale pre-owned and in good condition often, but they are out there. 

+1 for using the same brand throughout the loom.

i have the WW Platinum 8 XLR and love em. there are deals out there. worth it. ...... Lumin T2, Pass XP-12, Pass 250.8, Legacy Sig SE's..................my 2 cents

Wireworld is all midfi junk and their top stuff is just tinny silver from midfi Neotech supplier in Taiwan.

Try Kubala Sosna Sensation or realization level and you have to match speaker cables as well. If you don’t match speaker and xlr cables with same line and same level you are peeing in the wind.