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Questions Regarding Installing a Wheaton Triplanar On A SOTA Cosmos
Just looked at my Tri-Planar. If you had enough slack in the tone arm wires where it comes out of the arm tube, you could use a spacer to elevate the tone arm wire retention screw so the wires clear the well the tonearm sits in.  
Questions Regarding Installing a Wheaton Triplanar On A SOTA Cosmos
Just looking at a photo, that arm board is sitting down in a well. Where the tone arm needs sit, the TP leads may be hitting on the base edge preventing the TP base from seating properly. I have no idea if the TP has enough tower adjustment with a... 
Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.
@erik_squires, It’s okay to vent. Just let it all out - we’re here for you...    
Easy Come Easy Go…….BOOM!
Dayum! Would a lightning protection system even work if the strike is between the lightning protection system and your gear? I would think a nice lightning rod would also be beneficial...  
Dumb question: How can you tell if a record is remastered?
I would suggest exploring Discogs. Their info differentiates which albums are original, early represses, remasters, etc..  
EAR 834P - Sale or try and repair...
If you're considering having someone fix it, I'd recommend emailing Mitch Singerman at itchmay1@yahoo.com He knows the 834P  very well. He fixed mine and did a wonderful job on it. I can't recall exactly what the issue was with it, but when I eve... 
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
Upgrading my preamp, power amp, DAC, all gave me great improvement. The one item which gave me the largest smiling OMG face was when I upgraded my speakers from  the Yamaha NS-1000 to the NS-2000.  
Did your system getting better the more money you spent or more experience you gained?
In my case, the issue was whenever I would upgrade a piece of hardware, it would develop a new weak link (I'd take big bites out of the upgrade pie). Fix that link and another one would pop up. But before you know it, it levels out and you have a ... 
Soundsmith cartridges
@vinylvalet, Are you going to contact Peter to see what he says about your cartridge?   
Best Options For A Tubed Preamp - $2500 Or Less, Preferably Used To Maximize Value
Do you want the phono stage or is a line stage what you're looking for?  
Besides the BBB how do you fight claim resolution against FedEx
I wonder if anyone has had experience with FedEx/Kinkos  packing it and then it having shipping damage. Would FedEx cover the claim or try to weasel out of it because of the type of item it is?  
Tube preamp match with Solid Stare amp
Would this work for you? http://www.atma-sphere.com/en/mp-3.html Output impedance = 250 Ohms from 2Hz to 400KHz Line stage input impedance = 100 Kohm Ω single-ended / 200 Kohm Ω balanced You can get with/without phono stage  
Relationship between Ethernet Switch and SQ
It all depends how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go. If you're considering inserting an audiophile switch, where currently a switch isn't actually needed, I'd say you'd have to replace the CAT 5 cables with audiophile CAT 5 cables for the ... 
Paypal Friends and Family
I apologize for being the master of the obvious, but why don't you just contact PayPal and find out what that charge was for?  
Was 1971 the high point of popular music?
@mikelavigne Come on Mike, spread you horizons. I admit I should have said more than New Wave for the 80s, but there's a lotta good stuff in the 80's - Bon Jovi, U2, Guns and Roses, Queen, REO, Metallica, Def Leppard, Scorpions, the list goes on ...