Exteme Phono Turntable Mat

Anyone have experience with the Extreme Phono Mat? I'd like your comments on it please.
I can really tell a great improvement in my TT rig, get the carbon. Big improvement. I am using a MMf-7 w/ goldring 1042 FYI
I use the carbon on my MMF-7 as well. I love it...excellent at adding to the Seven's already neutral/black backgound. Kills the felt mat.

It works extremely well. And the donut version does indeed outperform the standard version as advertised. All things considered, though, on my LP12 I ultimately preferred the Herbie's Way Excellent Turntable Mat.
I have the extreme phone standard mat and am looking to compare it/replace it with the herbies mat. I've enjoyed the sound of the extreme mat for the most part, but have not enjoyed the residue it's left on some of my records. (I figured out quickly enough to unclamp the record when done listening, as a few great records were stained with a dot pattern residue that's tough to come off. If you do this it doesn't leave the stain.) If you get a good buy on one it might be cool to audition it with another mat, etc. to see which you prefer.
I've heard rumor that the mat is actually made from the same material that comes in rolls at your local grocery or department store and sells as self paper, albeit, as a foam like material.

I've also read that this stuff leaves a residue on your albums, however, it is unclear on whether it does and damage. It might be worth trying some of this bulk stuff out and see how well it works. At $2.00 a roll you could make at least 2 or 3 different mats