Extraordinary recordings on vinyl

You've most likely heard or read of MF's +10 (on his 1-10) scale of rating music, both sonically and for content...

What are your favorite recordings (on vinyl) that tip the scale over 10?

Here's my first one... Steve Phillips "Steel-Rail Blues"

This lp is pure as the driven snow, not an unpure note to be found.
The Black Keys "El Camino" (deluxe version only)
Nat King Cole "After Midnight" "Just One Of Those Things" (Pure Pleasure)
Norah Jones "Come Away With Me" (Classic)
Death Cab For Cutie "Kintsugi" (for a modern lp)
Harry James & his big band "The King James Version" (Sheffield Direct to Disc)
Holly Cole "Romantically Helpless" (GrooveLand 45rpm disc)
I love the Black Keys but don't you find their low fi sound is terrible though an audiophile system?

I agree regarding "Fireball" - a relatively overlooked gem. However, I actually prefer the original US green label Warner copy to the Harvest pressing. It's a bit more immediate and has a better low end IMO. Also, the US copy contains 'Strange Kind of Woman' which did not appear on the UK pressing (though 'Demon's Eye' is a good track in its own right).
"Mountain of a man" is a great description of the greatness of Mingus. Slaw: You're exactly right. Listeners have the luxury of simply enjoying (or not) an artist's music. For artists, the music and the issue of respect is very very serious business. On the issue of Mingus and respect: the great Phil Woods tells a great story about being married to Bird's wife Chan and, out of financial necessity, borrowing Bird's horn from the family since he had had to hock (!) his horn. At the club that night who walks in but Mingus? Mingus recognizes the horn and proceeds to walk up to the bandstand and stand in front of Woods and glare at him for having the temerity and lack of respect to be playing Bird's horn.

On the subject of the "low fi" sound of some recordings (Black Keys): it should be remembered (respect?) that in some cases that sound is a deliberate choice by the artist and/or producer as part of the aesthetic vibe of the music.