Feickert Blackbird vs Clearaudio Ovation vs Origin Live Sovreign

I'm currently looking to upgrade my Rega Planar 8. I'm trying to decide between the following tables: 

Feickert Trio or Blackbird

Clearaudio Ovation

Origin Live Sovereign Mk4

I have already settled on a tonearm which will be the Origin Live Enterprise and I will continue using my Soundmith Paua cartridge. I'm currently leaning towards getting the Ovation for aesthetic reasons, and it is the only table of the 3 that I have actually heard. I'm hoping people who have had experiences with these tables could chime in. The tables have similar price points and if performance are relatively close to each other, I will get the Ovation.


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Consider adding the Pure Fidelity Harmony or Horizon to your list. Running mine with an OL Conqueror MK 4 but the PF won’t blink at the next level up arm. Really excellent build quality and finish options and super sound.

Tell us about your P8: what are you using as a cartridge, phono stage and the rest of your system. 

I am not sure your listed “upgrades” will be that much higher than where you are at currently?

@photomax Stock Rega Planar 8. PS Audio Stellar phono stage. Gryphon Pandora preamp, Gryphon Essence amp, Fyne F704 speakers.

Nice kit!

I have a P6 w/ Ania and looking to upgrade as well. I have two phono stages: Rega Aria and the Parasound JC3+

I hope your thread gets solid traction here. I am interested in the Feickert and Gold Note options…

I have an Origin Live Sovereign with the two arm option.  Currently employ an Enterprise mk4 and an Illustrious 3c.  Excellent table (my third OL) but the design sometimes does not fit certain decors.  A good friend recently acquired a Pure Fidelity Harmony and that is also a very nice table with more traditional looks.  The wood finish is first class and they build them with the geometry to mount the Origin Live arms (actually offer them with the table as one of their options).  

@drrsutliff  Based on conversations I have had with another experienced owner and highly enthusiastic reviews, I suspect the Sovereign is probably the better table of the 3, but aesthetically, I prefer a more traditional looking table, so I'm willing to give up a little on performance to have more pleasing aesthetics. However, if the gap in performance is significant then I would rather get the best performing table of the bunch. 

@arize84 I do believe there may be a slight performance edge to the Soverign but the Enterprise arm will be a great equalizer as its performance can be exceptional on any table. I personally would consider the Pure Fidelity table for its combination of performance and exceptional aesthetics or the Feickert Blackbird if I needed to move away from the Sovereign. The Sovereign's aesthetics are definitely and acquired taste. 

Have you heard the Feickert?

Generally speaking how much more money does one need to spend to fully realize a real improvement over a P8 w/ decent cartridge?

Traditional looks, your choice of wood veneers, etc. with a very well established low torque direct drive system  with suspension would be the STST Motus IIDQ fyi...