Firefox freezes when using Audiogon

Anyone else same issue? Chrome works fine. 

Previously used Firefox, but now using Chrome with 2 extensions, Disconnect and uBlock Origin. Fastest I have ever used with 0 ads, and 0 problems for about 8 months so far.

Like Al, I'm using Firefox 44.0.2 with no problems.  Also using uBlock Origin like @tls49.  You can try starting Firefox in "safe" mode.  This will temporarily turn off all extensions and plug-ins.  You can get more information here.  Dick
Both Firefox and AOL freeze.  After four or five seconds I get kicked out and both want to reset tabs.  That takes minutes.
No problem here but I’ve been on the beta program for years Version 45.0b5 with both Win XP and Win 7

Next time it 'freezes' try hitting F5 to refresh the page.