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McIntosh C52 to C53?
Many thanks for everyones advise, all good. The one thing about the C53 is the DA2 DAC, it comes with, is actually replaceable. So when the DA3 comes out, $1,000 gets you an upgraded DAC.  
Preamp advice
I used a McIntosh C50, then a C52 pre-amp with my MC275 MK VI. Both worked perfectly for me and look very good. See the system here:    
Is My McIntosh C52 Pre-amp The Weak Link?
Thanks chcumo63. sound like a good low cost upgrade, will explore. Certainly less expensive than going from a C52 to a C53.  
Is My McIntosh C52 Pre-amp The Weak Link?
Many thanks for all your responses, very helpful. The overwhelming consensus is; the C52 DA1 is the weak link. However, I don’t want to replace the C52, because, I also have a TT and R2R tape deck (15ips master tape copies are the ultimate in SQ f... 
Alternatives to McIntosh MC402?
Maybe a MC312? This is what I use in my 2C system, driving Magico A5 speakers. Very happy with it, stunning sound quality streaming, vinyl and best of all, 15ips master tape copies.  
Your Not-So-Obvious Best Fidelity LPs
What a great post paulietunes, interesting and thought provoking. Thanks to bigtwin, I listened to Miles Davis In A Silent Way last night (via Qobuz), never heard this record before, absolutely fantastic! I am going to make my way through everyone... 
2024 Audio System Wish List
Replacing my Aurender N10 steamer with an Aurender A20 streamer/DAC. Why? Because, I was so blown away when switching from a Bluesoun Node to the N10, the A20 with built in DAC is more than likely going to be an equally big upgrade.  
Why do people like reel to reel players?
Look at this Audiogon posting if you want an answer to this question:  
Streamer Upgrade Bluesound Node To Aurender N10
drmuso, from what I can remember, it was an N130. Re the Aurender app, once I got used to it, easy to use and worked well, no issues for me,  
Does the streamer effect sound quality
Absolutely does! I upgraded from a Bluesound Node to an Aurender N10. I originally thought the Bluesound Node was very good, but the Aurender N10 is night and day better. Probably the best upgrade in my 55 years of being an Audiophile! Check out m... 
50 ways to leave your lover
Re the Sina video; equally amazing, talk about exceptional young talent. Thanks for sharing ibmjunkman. Could this women be the best living drummer in the world? Check this out:    
50 ways to leave your lover
Wow, I never realized how complex the lyrics and drum track are on this amazing song, talk about perfection live. Shear genius, thanks for sharing soix.  
The dangerous world of Reel-to-Reel Tape
You want proof that R2R tape is becoming fashionable again? Revox are once again offering essentially brand new B77 tape decks for sale! Check it out: 
The dangerous world of Reel-to-Reel Tape
Here is an interesting post on Audigon discussing the superiority of 15ips 2T tape SQ versus vinyl or digital: All I can say is; IMHO 15ips 2T tape can have the best... 
Was 1971 the high point of popular music?
Depending on your age, you are going to be impressed with this list of 1971 LP releases, I know I am. Thanks for sharing tony1954, thought provoking.