First Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge Acquisition

I have been listening to MM carts my whole life. I am interested in dipping my toes into the MC stream to see what sonic improvements can be had. I am looking for recommendations in the $1K range. Currently, I am running an Ortofon 2M Black and Shure JICO MM. Turntable is a Merrill Super 12 Polytable, Jelco 750 tonearm, into a Herron VTPH-2A phono stage and Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 2 integrated.

I would appreciate any recommendations. I am entertaining Hana MC carts or something with .5mV or higher as I don’t want to get a SUT. Please provide any feedback on the Hana that A’goners have employed.
I use the dynavector karat 17D3 diamond cantilever, with SME IV arm. At this price the best in forty years of listening. 
I have a fairly new Hana EL and to me it sounds very traditional, smooth and warm with detailed bass.   I use it with a Jelco 750 9" arm.  Of the three old TT's I have connected, it's getting 50% of the play time these day.  I also use an AT-33PTG/II on a SL-1800MKII it's performs at the same level as the Hana EL but is ever so slightly brighter, in a good way. The last TT is set up for MM cartridge's.  If I had your gear, BTW, great gear, I'd think hard about the Hana line.  The Ortofon Black is very close in presentation to the AT-33 but just a bit mellower.  My MM TT has an AT-150MLX cartridge on it and it's been my "Go To" for many years. 
I'm using and recommend a Denon DL110 MC cartridge.  Well under 1000.00;  I like that it has a high voltage output not requiring a step up amplifier. My previous cartridge was a Dynavector Ruby. 
I decided to purchase a used Denon DL110 MC cartridge that had a bent cantilever for practically nothing.  The cartridge was still able to be used because it was bent right at the diamond which was a nice relief that it could be re-tipped.  I heard and read so many great things through the years about the sound and the frequency range it covered.  I recently had it re-tipped by Sound-smith with a ruby cantilever and nude fine contact line diamond. I have to say it sounds amazing on just about any condition record I throw at it.  I have owned Ortofon 2m bronze, black, blue, red, Shure V15 type IV with original stylus, Audio Technica 216EP, MicroAcoustics 530 MP, Denon 301MKII, Pickering XV-15 625e, & Sumiko EVO BPS III, blue point no. 2.  In the end, I have to stress synergy is paramount. I have a tone arm that uses a angular contact bearing for vertical support and a radial bearing for horizontal support (static-balanced type, S-shaped pipe) with a total mass of 22g with 6g cartridge and the Denon line seems to work extremely well compliantly speaking. The before and after sound was just astounding. I also want to explore the Sound-smith line too because I am very curious about the MI tech and its benefits.  What I have been able to surmount is that the best way to judge a cart purely on paper is the channel separation spec. Higher than 30db is extremely good.