First there was copy protection, then....

So, have you seen the latest issue of Widescreen Review? There's an article about High Definition DVD, and the goofy plan they have to prevent alleged piracy of content. (which is just so much more crap that they can't prove with figures)

Ya, I know, you may think this is Home Theater stuff, but a lot of us Audio people buy concert DVDs that feature music, and the idea of uncompressed music with High Def picture is attractive.

Well, you may have thought that the copy-protection issue was related only to the digital output of players, but now the hardware manufacturers and Hollywood have decided to attack and abandon all owners of High Def capable projectors, TVs, etc. They plan to restrict the ANALOG output of High Def DVD to 480p!! The only way you could get High Def is through a digital output (HDMI or DVI?) that is HDCP compliant. (for copy protected content)

I can see them protecting the digital output, but shutting down the High Def through analog too?! So even if you have dropped up to $10,000.00 or more on a video display unit that can show you high def, you can't watch high def unless you have a digital input. Too bad they say, you have to buy a brand new display unit!! It's also a contradiction, since they already have said that analog is inferior, that's one of the reasons why they went digital in the first place!

Of course, they blame Piracy. Like, some nerd isn't going to break their copy protection codes in about two seconds. The pirates won't suffer, it will be the law-abiding guy who doesn't care about anything but buying and enjoying high def that will be getting "hosed" instead.

Remember what happened to DIVX when the Interrnet community rose up and hollered? Looks like we have to start hollerin' again!