Flexible Power Cords

I'm looking to replace my bevy of power cords with a consistent set. 

I want flexible cords for obvious reasons. I'm tired of those power cords stiff as a stick.

I need length up to 3m. I'd buy Nordost now except that they don't come in anything greater than 2m.

I am looking on the budget end. (I need eight of them.)





The recommendation by @Lak and @tksteingraber is excellent. Audio Envy make custom-built excellent sounding power cords that also happen to be very flexible. They beat out some power cords I had that were anywhere from $1,200/per to $2,600/per. And they will make them whatever length you need. 

Audioquest dragon PC are the BEST. Comes in 3 M too. They have for Source and HC. I have 6 dragon PCs. 👍

Cullen,Triode Wire Lab,Audio Envy, WireWorld, JPS Wire Labs.are all flexible and good quality.

I haven’t bought powerchords yet, but at research neotech and furutech were intresting. Audio connexion/ parts connexion had a bogo on audience f3, last time I looked. Canadian based and not sure if there are tariffs, but it might be worth a look. Good luck.