floor standing speaker platform questions

Well i have some older psb gold floorstanders without any spikes at all. They are just sitting on my thick padded carpet. I heard a system the other day that had big outriggers on them. The demonstrator slid a quarter under one of the spikes on a corner and it totally changed the way the dic sounded. So now im thinking that a set of maple platforms under my speakers with spikes could help. Lmk what u think or ideas
What is the underlying flooring? Concrete or wood? When your speakers are playing loud do you feel a lot of vibration when you place you had on the speaker (enclosure resonances). Was the demonstration in your home with your speaker? With your speaker? In your home? All makes a difference.

Personally I subscribe to 'isolation' and stability theories when it comes to most audio products. Especially speakers as if a speaker vibrates enuf during use to 'require'dissapation to a greater absorbent surface these same vibrations then have a potential to feed back to other audio things in the food chain.

Think carpet piercing spikes on the bottom of the speaker when you are over cement. Think hard dense materiel connected to a wood floor thru the use of spikes with the speakers sitting direct on such a platform. Think about using a materiel which will not have a resonance point common with the speaker. For example, wood will have a low resonance point in common with a lot of speaker materiel, whereas granite or marble will have a very high resonance point.

Don't think too hard however, because I'm not sure that, other than a solid connection to any floor to stabilize a speaker, the types of materiels or products is actually that sonically identifiable to anything other than bats. :-)
I have a pair of Hales Rev 3s and because of my height and that my listening chair is a rather large wooden rocker, I decided to raise my speakers. End result is they are spiked, sitting on square foot concrete stepping stones (painted black) and the concrete are each sitting on four hockey pucks. My floor is carpet over concrete. Not only did this work to raise the speakers, but the bass tightened up as well. Total cost was around $20.
Good luck and happy listening.