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Hi my name is Woody and I'm an audioholic.I'll send you my contact stuff via email.ThanksWoodyaka WoodmanArlington TX 
Rock n Roll w/Strings
Buddy Holly had strings back in the fifties. 
Ronny Cox " Cowboy Servant"
Ronny is a fine actor, he's been in many many films, tv shows etc. But he loves music. I have seen him perform on many occasions and even ran his sound a few times. He is a down to earth regular guy. I have several of his albums. Highly recommende... 
Christmas Music and Audiophiles?
I agree with Robert Earl Keen. But my favorites are the Christmas albums by Leon Readbone and John Prine. 
Biggest impact on you?
The first was my first stereo in (dare I say it) the mid to late 60's. AR4X speakers, a Fisher Rec, and a Dual TT.Second years later, after dozens of changes, was an AES AE3 tubed pre. Wow, I could now really hear the wood in the guitars. Third wa... 
audio switcher
I got a reasonable deal on an older PS pre amp. I use it to feed into my Sophia Baby via the tape out on the pre. It works whether or not I turn it on. But I found I could use a Sub with this. I do have to use both the volumn control on the amp an... 
Sim Audio question...
Get a nice maple platform to put it on. Or four pennies.I have had a Sim I5 two differant times and have thought about it again. Don't let the fine points get in your way. There are so many solutions to your problem. 
Spades terminations into spring load trminal
I have been using something similar to those shown by Sfar. I have some older Boston speakers in my bedroom with those pesky spring loaded clips. I bought the plugs at radio shack. Good luck and happy listening. 
Most sophisticated and intelligent musician
Don't forget those who did something new, like Les Paul and even Chuck Berry. 
has anybody heard of jackson loudspeakers?
the AU-3 was made in 86 Air Suspension 5.25 woofer, 1, & 5/8 tweeters. original price 1,300 retail used 385, whsl avg 133. this is from a 2001 Orion Bluebook. 
Favorite Christmas Music and Movie 2010
Leon Redbone's Christmas Album. His version of White Christmas makes Bing sound hyper, (well sorta). And Christmas Island is just fantastic.My other fav is John Prine's Christmas Album. wait a minute: you are starting way too early. Woody 
Audiophiles are older than dirt
I don't feel older than dirt, but I remember everything on the list and 99% of all else that has been mentioned here. For extra credit: who played Clarabell on Howdy Doody and what were the only words spoken by Clarabell?Answer: Bob Keeshan aka Ca... 
Anti Cables Speaker Wire
I went (starting in more recent history) from Kimber 8TC to Ananlysis Plus Oval 9s to Cardas Cross and then to Anti cables. I was more than pleased as the Anti Cables just sounded better in my system and the bass was lower and tighter. Who'd a thu... 
Help with passive preamp
Maddoggy, do you mean Luminous Audio Axiom? 
Isolation of stacked components
Any equipment I have stacked I put hockey pucks in between. They are cheap enough and some times I double up (2 in each corner instead of 1). It's worth a shot and will not break the bank.