fluorescent lamp tuner interference

Has anybody noticed static interference from the fluorescent lights in their home affecting their tuner's performance? I have one light on my porch that plays hell with my tuner. It is a high efficiency coiled unit meant to replace a regular incandescent. I have them throughout the house and 2 high power units in the garage which is directly below my yagi antenna in the attic. I know enough to turn them off when listening to DX stations but I never guessed the porch light which is 15+ feet away would be a problem. I've never had a problem with the shop light types before. Any thoughts?..........
A power condotioner has helped me. I have one of those 13wt self start fluorescent lamps. ---I'm referring to the static noise just as I turn it on.I could also see the tv picture jump for a second. Having gone thru a bunch of conditioners--(Chang--AVS200 Audio Magic--and a few more)--None of those got rid of the static noise.
The one I have now,does eliminate it.---No I didn't buy the conditioner for that reason;it just comes along,as a side benifit.