FM. Can anyone get Seattle or Eugene from Portland

Is anyone in Portland, Oregon able to pick up the quality FM stations in Seattle, Washington and/or Eugene, Oregon?
If so, what kind of location and antenna?
FM signals are line-of-sight only, although they reflect off most surfaces. Your best bet is to get a highly directional antenna like a Yagi (one designed for the FM band, not a TV antenna) and point it right at Mt Hood or Mt Adams, if you can see either one of them from your house. The elements on the Yagi should probably be vertical, but you can try it both ways. The signal strength meter on your tuner can be used to fine-adjust the antenna direction. The bounce signal will be strong enough to pull in IF you have a good enough antenna. Otherwise, there's not much hope.
Eugene is only about 110 miles away and should be doable, given good equipment (unless there's a mountain directly in the way). Get a decent tuner and an Antenna Performance Specialties APS-13, as high as possible, and aim it directly at the transmitter location. Even if the signal is not normally acceptable, it will be during enhanced conditions.
I now live in Eugene, and have not tried to get Portland. When I lived in the Portland area, I tried to get a station in Eugene that I liked. I had a giant roof mount FM antanna, a rotor and a mast that got it about ten feet off the roof. I still could not get the station. Must have been something in the way. You might be in luck with Eugene. Seattle is out of the question IMHO.