FM radio on my laptop

Hi everyone. What is a good quality (sound) way to listen to FM radio on my laptop? I'm spending the winter in the south and would like to listen to my favorite stations in VT. Thanks in advance.
I believe you have two options:

1) Go to that stations web site and listen.  Most FM Stations allow you to listen directly from their web site at no cost.

2)  The TuneIn web site provides access to many stations so please click on the link below:

3)  Calm Radio offers 200+ stations of classical, folk, rock, jazz, etc.  There is a small fee so please check it out.  See:

4)  Please try Radio Paradise.  see:

The good news is you have many choices for listing to FM from your computer.  Please see this list:

If you need more, please Google these words "Best FM Station for on line listening".   You are going to be overloaded with choices.  Enjoy.