Focal 1028BE - protecting speakers for a move

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked/answered before, but I couldn't find a thread on this.  I'm moving to a new house, which is about a 10 minute drive away and need to pack up my Focal 1028BEs.  I don't have the original boxes or styrofoam.  Does anyone have advice on protecting the speakers for transport, especially the beryllium tweeters?  I'm planning on using a small UHaul truck.




Don't even pack them.  Prepare a padded location and place them one at a time in the bed.  If you can pad 2 ok, otherwise make 2 trips.  Do it at a time when there is litttle traffic and drive like you have a warm pizza on your lap. 

Since you are only going a few miles, I would rent a bunch of blankets from Uhaul. Put a couple on the floor or bed of the truck and lay the speakers, front facing up with a blanket in the gap between the 2 speakers. Surround the pair with more blankets and packed boxes with some other stuff you are moving so the speakers don't move when driving. Don't put anything on the faces lying face up.

+1  Even better to put the speakers (wrapped in furniture blankets) on a mattress - instead of on the metal floor.

Lay them on the floor/bed of the truck?

Why not pad/protect all sides and between speakers as discussed, and stand them up, speaker feet/bases on the bed (listening orientation), with ratcheting straps securing the speakers to the walls of the truck?  Provide additional protection/stabilization during transport using layers of corrugated cardboard (flat storage boxes) between the speaker padding and the straps, and mattresses and/or other secured furniture to better hold in place.  

It's much simpler than I made it sound.

I have moved my Hartley Reference speakers (300 pounds each).  Remove grills and using very sturdy cardboard make a template, blue tape them on each speaker face.  Always protect the drivers.  Better safe then sorry and pissed off.  Whomever it is that will be helping you make sure they understand the gravity of screwing it up.

Proceed as posts above.



Use a couple of those really cheap, soft fuzzy blankets or at least a flannel sheet first, then wrap in a moving blanket or two. And then lay the on your mattress with something between them and some boxes on either side.

All the best.

Thank you all!  I actually like the mattress idea as I have a tempurpedic.  The speakers should be well cushioned.

Just make sure the speakers won't have a chance to bounce around using the mattress.