Focal Diablo EVO Utopia: Cosmetic Changes or More?

Hello fellow A’gonners,
So, I’ve observed inconsistent info on the update of the subject speakers. I’ve heard that there are changes to the tweeter and crossover. I’ve read (online review) that the changes are only cosmetic, and they will sound exactly like the last edition (iii non-evo).
It appears they do not have the newer EVO tweeter with fixed grille, like bigger siblings. They have removable grille like last version. Also, the main driver does not have the newer rubber surround (first out on Sopras)
-Does anyone know for certain?
-Has anyone heard both?
-If they didn’t make changes, beyond cosmetic, why not (guesses welcome), and do you believe they will soon?
Thanks for all comments!

So, after some relaying between a sales rep and the distribution rep, they have made changes to:
“the internal dampening was upgraded, the tweeter received a permanent grille, and a new crossover was developed to adjust for the grille and new dampening.”
My Diablos EVO do not have a perm grille, and all the YouTube videos and google pics I see they do not have perm grille.   I do see the pic on Focal’s site that shows them w perm grille, but nowhere else.  
So… rolling changes?  Ideas for changes..?  No changes..?Who knows.  
The only thing I would be concerned about is how to get the Utopia Floorstander in there to replace the monitors.
Hahaha.  Yes.  That requires a change of home, but I’m on the look.  I had Scala v1, Diablo EVO is better, in my experience.  I hear Scala evo is a real stunner.  It’s next.