focal headphones lost output on left side


my focal elear headphones lost output on left side working great still right side.  apparently focal headphones have this problem not so uncommon

its no longer under warranty and replacing the driver requires both replaced and not worth cost $600 or so.

anybody know a reputable person who might be able to repair the headpones in USA?


Switch the connectors at the headphone to see if it is the cable.My Elear cable is also bad for the left channel and I need to see if anything can be done as well.

I had an issue with my Focal Utopia. I got brand new drivers put in by Focal. I paid to ship to them and they paid return shipping. I never had to provide any other information...only took some pics of the headphones and sent via email.

There was some distortion in the bass frequencies that I noticed after playing some bass heavy songs...kind of just showed up. 

If you are persistent with a rep about Focal's reputation / quality control and polite to a service manager, they should be able to work something out for you.