Focal Scala Utopia Owners - I Need Your Help


I currently have the Focal Diablo. I am moving to a new place and the listening room (also living room) is 13'W x 20'L x 9'H. One of the side walls has an opening that is 5 feet wide leading to the dinning room.

I am thinking about getting a pair of Scala. Would the room be too small for the Scala? Would they look too imposing (I have not seen the speakers so don't know how big they look in real life) and would the sound overwhelm the room?

Another concern I have is that my in-laws live downstairs. Would the sound especially the bass travels downstairs? I mostly listen at low and moderate volumes and I am thinking about adding another ceiling within the ceiling downstairs and also use green glue.

Finally, I am thinking about driving the speakers using Pass Labs XA60.5 or the XA100.5. Do any of you currently use the amps to drive the Scala? Please share your thoughts.

Thanks very much in advance!
sorry I missmach your room dimensions and coment on room size I thought that you asking if Scala will bee no too small for new room.
My local Focal dealer always pairs the Utopia speakers with JL Audio subwoofers. The most impressed I've been was Diablo's with JL Audio subwoofer, bit I don't know which model other than it wasn't the Gothom (they do have one). I liked the Diablo's better than the Grande's. I have not heard the Scala but they did have a pair and they are about three quarters of the Grande, still very large. I think a subwoofer would be a better investment if it were my money. You can't go wrong with Diablo's in my opinion.
I have given serious thoughts about using the subwoofer. However, my wife does not want too many of my toys shown in the living room. The less the better. As a result, that is the reason for me to look into bigger speakers. Currently looking at YG Carmel, Scala, Tidal Piano and Revel Studio2.

Thanks very much for your input.
Correction, I was thinking of the new Stella and not the Scalla. The Scalla isn't nearly as big and is fairly reasonable for a normal room, but I'd still think a JL Audio subwoofer sitting in the corner might have a higher WAF than spending double to get larger speakers. I've heard the Scalla speakers at the store a little bit and was impressed, but I've never heard them in the main listening room hooked to identical equipment to make a true comparison to the other speakers. I think I've heard them hooked to some Pathos equipment rather than Krell or Asthetix like the others.

Besides getting more bass is there anything else your current speakers are lacking, in your opinion?