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JM Labs, Focal Diablo Utopia VS. Micro Utopia BE
There are a couple of reviews (Tone Audio being one and the other HiFi+ I think) comparing the two. Personally, I think the Diablo which I own (selling to upgrade to Scala) is much better than the Micro Be. Before I purchased the Dynaudio C1 a few... 
Focal Scala Utopia Owners - I Need Your Help
I have given serious thoughts about using the subwoofer. However, my wife does not want too many of my toys shown in the living room. The less the better. As a result, that is the reason for me to look into bigger speakers. Currently looking at YG... 
Tidal Speakers owners
Kw13,Just want to confirm that you listened to the Piano Dicera. Also, if you have to get a pair today, which ones would you get, the Scala or the Piano? Speaking of Scala, did you compare them to Revel Salon2? Thanks, 
Best amp for Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario?
You should also look into Ayre MXR amps. They should match well with Amati. I used to own the SF Memento and the amps matched well with the speakers. 
Boulder 865, Vitus SS-010 or Karan KA I 180& 8207;?
Used to have the Boulder amp driving my Memento and found the sound to be dry. You can look into Ayre or Krell which I think will match well with the Memento. 
Ultimate pre/power amp for Sonus Faber Memento
A Ayre amplifier will match very well with your memento. I used to drive them with a pair of Ayre MXR mono amps to great effects. In addition, the Ayre products hold their values very well as they don't change the models too often. When they have ... 
Tidal Speakers owners
Kw13,Interesting you asked. I was planning to ask you about the differences between the Scala and the Piano in about two months after you get a chance to listen to the Piano.I have not listened to them side by side. As a matter of fact, I have not... 
Tidal Speakers owners
I made a mistake of reading this tread in the first plance and committed a sin by following from the start till now. I was initally thinking about upgrading from Focal Diablo to Scala or MBL 116F which I ruled it out yesterday due to room size (13... 
Utopia Skala / Alto speakers anyone hear them both
Do you know if Focal has any plans to come up with a speaker to insert between the Diablo and Scala? What is the minimum room size recommended for the Scala? Mine is 13'x20' will an opening to the dining room. Would that work?Thanks, 
Dynaudio C1/ Pass X250, X1?
It will be a great combo. Used to drive the C1 with the X5 and got great resutl. 
Magico V-2 vs. Sonus Faber Guarneri Mementos
I used to own the Memento with similar room size. It will work but you may not be able to utilize its full potential. I then moved to Focal Utopia Diablo which works better in my room as the sound seems to integrate better.Good luck! 
Tidal Speakers owners
Seems like all of you had to wait to take delivery of the speakers. What is the reason? Thanks, 
Interested in Focal Scala Utopias
You can contact Focal's US distributor, Audio Plus Services. I am sure they can point you to the right dealer. luck! 
Amps for Focal Scala?
You may want to also consider Ayre MXR monoblocks. I use them to drive my Focal Diablo to great result. 
Monitors to replace Dynaudio Confidence C1's
I used to own the C1 which like others, consider them to be excellent. I owned them for about 2 years and got the audio itch to try something new. So, I got the SF Memento which sounded better than C1 in certain respects. A few months ago, I sold ...