Focal sopra 2/Gryphon Diablo 300 not good match

Hallo Friends. I have the Gryphon 300 and the focal sopra 2 playing together with an Aurender n10 streamer.
I thing the most fatiguing system. I don’t know why. To much highs..absolute no synergy between bass and high frequency..
Can’t hear it more then 10 minutes. Have also the Isoacoustics Gaia 1 installed.and quality speaker cable’s from jorma. And Wireworld power cord. 
Any Suggestion? 
Too many posts.

Assuming room is not the problem to the high listening fatigue and bright treble.

1. Get rid of Gryphon and try Luxman L-590AXII to drive Focal.

2. Get rid of Focal and try Marten speakers.

Personally I would get rid of the Focal speakers if the brightness is too extreme.
Hello Joannism

I just ordered the Sopra2 and will be driving it with the diablo 300 as well.  I am well aware of the comment of it being harsh or bright or whatever but I look at it as a challenge to see if I could overcome with proper placement etc.  I have seen others using the exact same set up with good result, and yourself as well at later stage.  

How much toe in are you having if you could share a little more update on the sound lately?  

hallo winsome993
at the beginning the acoustic engineer put them in extreme toe-in posittion.After a lot of experimentation and luck I find that just a little toe-in sounds better in my room and a 3,4 meter between them.But i wand to share a new experience witch maybe not much try.I Found a big difference when changing from Tidal to Qobuz.
I (with friends and family ) make the A/B comparison with a lot of music, and my system sounds a lot smoother.Mqa is not worth it in a high end system in my oppinion.High-res does..Difference make me change my streaming service to QOBUZ even when is not supported in my country i open an account in germany with a german credit card etc..but the trouble is worth it believe me..hope to hear about your experience soon..

I was looking at the Sopra 2 but they are greedy from $15-$19 k
increasein 5 years with No changes pure greed 
The Wilson  Sophia  2 is a better speaker ,and much better 
resale value.
Interesting comments on the Qobuz vs Tidal. I have never tried Qobuz but have found Apple Music to also sound better than Tidal. Streaming options are pretty limited to air play so you would need a Mac computer over USB to access high-Rez. They have 3 months free and it might be worth a try if you already have a Mac.