Does Dynaudio match Mcintosh MC275?

Does Dynaudio match Mcintosh MC275 or other tube amps?
I am interested in purchasing a Dynaudio Focus 110/140 or Contour 1.3 Mkii. I wonder if MC275 matches them.
I would have to say YES. Go over to Audio Afficionado and ask - lots of good knowledge there and friendly members, too.
They should sound great. I'm driving a pair of C1 Signatures with and Octave V70se tube integrated. Great match for the money. I even tried tried an Octave V40se with the C1's and that was is also a great match. Tubes in my opinion have a great synergy with any and all Dyns. The only SS that I've heard that to me is better is the Burmester 911 MKIII's. Sounds like Pass may be in the same league as the Burmester but I've never heard Pass Labs. There could be other that I've never heard.
I have heard my Dynaudio Focus 160 speakers with three different tube amps, individually quite different ones. Tubes and Dynaudio is very special, as the gloroius softness and mids of the speakers can be really wonderful. First, a Jadis Orchestra 2x40 watt amp. Weak bass but everything is so good its hard to believe. Really. Audio Research 2x115 watt is like a more detailed SS amp. The size of the amp is the weakness, its big and ugly, otherwise extremely stable and great but not as magical and close in the mids as the Jadis. McIntosh 2x75 watt, that I own, is extremely good with voices and horns and guitars and many other things. Not for techno lovers, but for most other music styles it is great. Not as controlled inte bass as a 100+ watt amp can be, that's important to know! Good luck!
Both Dynaudio 140 and 160 are for its size playing very big, the music is everywhere, and very deep. Compared to cheaper Monitor Audios for instance, they might not be as detailed in the highs, but I am pretty sure that has more to do with Monitor Audio being on the brighter side. I have also compared the Dynaudios with Proac D28, twice as expensive, its a tighter in the bass, its obvoiusly an easier load for the amp, but for my taste, the richness in bass of the Dynaudios suites my music taste a little better (rock, blues, country, indie etc). System Audio Mantra 60 is like a big Dynaudio and quicker in the bass. Hope it helps! Beware that Dynaudio require quite a bit of power, preferably at least 100 watts, but 75 is all right too but you won't get out everything they have. (Pure class A tube might do well with less watts, I don't know.)
To answer your question, the Dynaudio speakers would work very well with the MC275, for one the stability of that amp because of the ohm's no matter what load you put it on would always work well with the speaker because they require alot of current to drive most of there speakers. The spaekers are very clean and consistent through the midrange but sharp in the upper bass range. If you love having a speaker sound that emphasizes on natural warmth and on depth compared to width espeically if you love tube amplifiers then this is the kinda sound you will get. We sell Dynaudio and McIntosh in our store so if you are interested, let me know, be happy to emphasize on it more to you.