Focopix Electric tab tensioned screen review

I just installed a Focopix tab tensioned 92in electric screen ordered from and thought I would share impressions.

This screen is very well built, comes with RF remote so you can tuck away screen above drop ceiling if you wish. There is also a hard wired trigger if needed. It comes with all mounting brackets (standard hooks are on top for quick install) and it also comes with wrenches and tools to adjust screen tension and stop mechanism. Case is black with small logo, comes with 12ft or so cord that is of nice length.
The screen comes down in about 5 seconds and can be stopped at any point with a maximum of 12in drop at top so tucking it up in a drop would be no issue, it has a 1.4 gain but I doubt its that strong which is good to avoid some "hot spotting".
Material is of good quality, borders are 2 inches all around and 1080p material looks fantastic on it........remote comes with integrated laser pointer for presentations aswell.
For under $400 shipped I dont know how you can go wrong with this, I have owned 2 other screens prior to this and as of now this one is my favorite,
For those who cant do fixed wall screens and want a powered unit at a real world price I whole heartedly vote for Focopix. Cheers