for multiple driver arrays, how to calc capacitanc


i am trying to plan a multiple tweeter driver array between 6 ohm ribbon tweeters in series-parallel circuits(keeping impedance even) and double 8 ohm woofer drivers. would like to cross at about 1khz. does anyone know the formula for calculating impedance vs capacitance? and the same for inductance. and what if you have to add a resistor? I used to know but i've gotten rusty. thanks
"does anyone know the formula for calculating impedance vs capacitance?"

I'm not sure what you mean.

I suggest investing in a copy of "The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook", by Vance Dickason. It will have whatever you're looking for.

i have it. its buried in storage. thats why i was hoping someone just knew the formula. thx
I believe that you want to square the number of drivers to keep the impedance at 6 ohms.The cap would be the same for 1,as 4,9,16.This would allow for a single cap,prior to the series-parallel arrangement.