For Surrounds - B&W DS8 or B&W 805S?

803Ds for the mains. Cannot put speakers behind main seating. Plan has been to mount DS8s on side. The way the room is, they would be about as far out from the back as the listener will be seated. The alternative is to put 805s on stands.
Have very old plaster walls to mess with to mount the DS8s, but am willing to do it if the sound and surround effect are best. Had selected these to maximize the surround effect.
They would be mounted higher than the monitors could sit on stands. Although I guess I could destroy the walls and mount 805s.
At the same time, I love the sound of the 805s. They would look pretty good with the 803Ds, as well.
But I want to be happy with the result first in sound quality, second in appearance.
HELP - they arrive Tuesday to install this mess!
Go with the 805's, they'll look great and be a better sonic match to the 803's.
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If you have the cash, the 805S with their stands would be the preferred option from a performance standpoint.
I understand that for music the 805s would be the way to go. I expect TV and movies to be 80% of use, so the surround effect is important. DS8s superior for this? Financially it is pretty much a wash.