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How close was your starting budget to the final bu
I don't know when I will ever be finished, but to this point the project kind of grew on me...1. Started by comparing Tivo to the cable company DVR. So a few hundred or a monthly fee.2. Moved to new TV only, thinking would be $2-3,000.3. Decided t... 
Best SSP - Upgrade from Integra DTC 9.8
I started this thread. Here is what has happened most recently. I went without any Blu Rays for weeks. I decided not to increase my investment and told my installers to bring back my original 9.8 - which had been sent back to have everything fixed... 
Pioneer Elite vs. Pioneer "Standard" Kuro Plasmas
Both are great TVs. However, the new (9th generation) non-Elites have very limited calibration even by ISF guys with their gear. This is now one of the chief differentiators between the two. One way of rationalizing it is that the price dropped wi... 
Best SSP - Upgrade from Integra DTC 9.8
Thanks. I tried running a much shorter cable across the room from the Integra to the TV. I fully expected this to do the trick, but such was not the case. Still had same problem. We are going to try a booster anyway, as well as trying different pr... 
Best SSP - Upgrade from Integra DTC 9.8
The Integra person my installer is talking to is also suggesting that a longish HDMI cable could be the issue. Have a 50 foot cable. Going to test running a shorter one across the room to the TV to continue to trouble shoot. What are your thoughts... 
Best SSP - Upgrade from Integra DTC 9.8
I am looking for excellent sound (HT, SACD, CD) and video (SC and HD).I did not start the thread due to seeking specific audio or video improvements. Have not had time to get upgrade-itis over this component yet. What prompted the question was the... 
Best SSP - Upgrade from Integra DTC 9.8
I have been very happy with the Integra in most ways. Went from small TIB with Sony XRB CRT set up to pretty significant investment about 6 months ago. I am not dealing with analog sound, so I cannot speak to that. As a digital surround unit, the ... 
Frozen Picture -- Integra DTC 9.8 / SA Cable DVR
Will have to try it out and see what I can see. Am with you on the cable box not having to be reset, thus the finger possibly poitning at the pre/pro.Thanks 
HTM1D or HTM2D ctr channel with 802D?
Can you speak to the difference between the HTM2D and the HTM4S? I have 802Ds, and went with the smaller, non-diamond center. Had to mount it on wall above screen and thought anything larger might be too much. Now I wonder... 
B&W 802D -- Classe' CA-5200 vs. Rotel RMB 1095?
Well, I guess this proves one of the most interesting things about this hobby or obsession or whatever it is - everyone has their personal opinion. Hopefully the 802s you disposed of found a happy home. 
B&W 802D -- Classe' CA-5200 vs. Rotel RMB 1095?
Thank you all for your input. The Classe' is in place and sounds pretty incredible. Now for the break-in. Between it and the Integra DTC 9.8 have a lot of heat, so now to figure the best way to move more air through and out of the cabinet. 
What sub to accompany 802D for 16X13 room?
Try REL B3. Can get under the 802. Also delivers the drama for HT without booming through music. What is in your room will have a lot to do with how things work. Good Luck. What components are you thinking about? 
B&W 802D -- Classe' CA-5200 vs. Rotel RMB 1095?
Briefly used Rotel for whole system. 5200 would replace this. Next step after this monoblocks? Not this week 
B&W 802D -- Classe' CA-5200 vs. Rotel RMB 1095?
Thanks. Sorry for the redundancy, just trying to get fast input as I must decide quickly. Big difference in $$, but I expect I willt ake the plunge. Why stop now? 
calling former B+W 802D owners
I just bought a pair and am glad I did. As I am sure you have noticed, whatever the make of the speaker, there are strong opinions. If you like them, as I did, buy them. If you can snag a bargain, all the better. Enjoy!