For those of us over 60..

What band's output would you say best describes you/your life as you see it?

For me, Allman Brothers
Now, in my mid to late 60s, the one band (artist) that best describes my life, at least at this point, is John Lennon - "Imagine". I'm pretty much tired of religion and politics.

For musical enjoyment, I find myself falling back on my old 60s - 80s favorites: Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylon, Neil Diamond, Jennifer Warnes, Neil Young, Pink Floyed, Fleetwood Mack, Moody Blues, Red Rider, Lover Boy and anything Classic Country. From time to time I still enjoy the Classics - Vivaldi, Bach and Beethoven.
Modern artists that would most define my listening pleasures of today: Amos Lee, Chris Iisaak, Ray La Montagne, Jack Johnson and anything with real instruments - Amy Winehouse, Hugh Masekela, Nora Jones, Jane Monheit, Chris Botti and anything Celtic, Jazz, Folk or Bluegrass...Jim
So many other great bands and artists, that you all mentioned and in  such a diversity of genres. Our generation truly did produce some great stuff, that, in a way, describes us as a generation...Jim
Leonard Cohen, Ry Cooder, Leonard Cohen, Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin and Leonard Cohen.