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Signal tube versus power tube, sound impact?
I use JJ KT77s. They sound fantastic on my Primaluna. I have not tried their preamp tubes.  
Bryston 4B gets HOT. Should I leave it on?
Something is wrong with the amp. I had a 45yr old Crown home amp and it was the same as the day I bought it. Power supplies are most suspect after that many years because it does the heavy lifting for decades.  
Amp — Leave on or turn off
Amps do sound better warmed up. In my case, being a tube amp, I do not want to burn 375w of power sitting idle or playing music if I'm not around to enjoy it.  It depends greatly on the equipment and if the electric bill is a concern.   
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
I have many reasons for my answer. I always listen to any speaker before I buy. The reviewers, people who give 5 stars do not have my ears. All ears hear differently, and it Boils down to what kind of sound you enjoy. I hear cars going a block awa... 
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
JBL has always been great Rock speakers L100s and larger studio monitors.  
Recommendation Tube Integrated
I like my primaluna. Very good quality build. Built to last and sounds great. I compared it to ian ntrated system 3x it's cost. It really sounds great. It has auto-bias and protection for the amp built in.   
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
Built in DACs typically are not going to sound as good as external. The DAC in streamers I have had were not even close. Both the Bluesound 2i, and Innuous Mini MK 3 DAC could not compare to the Shiit Byfrost sound, especially on the low end bass.... 
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
My experience has been that the streamer will need a separate DAC. The built in DACs just are not as good. I experience this both in the Blusound 2i and the innuous Mini MK3. There was a significant improvement for both when ran through a Shiit By... 
Sound Stage and Imaging
JBL has speakers in that price range. They bang for the buck with Dynamics, kick. Might not be the most smooth in the midrange, or treble but Dynamic. It depends what you like.  
Have we lost civility and respect on Audio forums?
There are people of all kinds, backgrounds. That is no excuse for abrasiveness. I have been an audio ethusanist since 1969. I got my first Pioneer 424, 10" Utah speakers, a dual turntable. I loved that system. I was a 7th grader. I wanted the Scot... 
Martin Logan vs. Everything
Great post! A dream came true for me when I was able to afford my Primaluna EVO 100 integrated. Brought my system to a whole new level of enjoyment. I could imagine your thrill, getting the MLs. I wish I had a pair. But, my DIY speakers are very g... 
Martin Logan vs. Everything
Believe me, Martin Logan makes great sounding speakers. Brick and mortar like all businesses stay in business with sales. Sure they are going to weak link you. Your ears tell you all you need to know. They are unique to you, and no to people hear ... 
Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?
Well, I love music and Audio. Many people on this forum have luxury homes along with very expensive, very nice systems. For some of us, this is the other side of life we normally do not see. It takes courage for the average Joe who lives in a smal... 
The Snob Appeal Premium
Here is what I have learned. There is no reason to keep up with the Jones. I am gifted and built my own speakers. I always have. Why, because I have never made the kind if money to afford ARC, Bryston, B&W. I did hear B&W at Best Buy being... 
What happened to all the highend stereo shops
In Bloomington MN we have a high end audio store. I auditioned in a private room for an hour, treated like a king. He asked what system I had, about the room and speakers, my expectations for sound. About what I liked to hear, type of music. There...