Former Jolida Owners - What did you upgrade to?

I have owned a 202a for the past year and a half, and like many Jolida owners it was my first tube amp. I still like it very much, but wondering what people who have owned Jolida tube integrated amps upgraded to.

Questions below are helpful to understand other people's experiences. Any other helpful info is appreciated.

- Which Jolida model did you own?
- What about it made you change?
- What did you replace it with?
- How does your replacement amp compare/was the change successful?
I can't add here because I just got my first Jolida (502brc), but it was intended as a stepping stone. So I am very interested in replies to this thread. Let's keep it neat the top until a few members have "chimed-in"
I still have a Jolida 102B in a second system but replaced it in my main system with a KR Antares. The Jolida has the nice warm tuby sound while the Antares is less tuby sounding but has a cleaner/clearer SET sound.
Started with a 502B, and went to VTL MB 300 monos with a Manley Reference Linestage. Obviously the VTL's have much more speaker control and dynamics, but my 502B was pretty heavily modded, so at lower volumes they were much closer. The bigger improvement was going from box speakers to Magnepans. And lately, there was an incredible new level reached with the addition of a Stello CD-5 CDP. Its amazing what a good DAC and Clock section do.