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Denafrips Iris12th - signal out to Ares 12th-1
I think that's how they fixed the Internet on South Park.  
resonance at 500 Hz using headphones - maybe need a different DAC?
Have you tried this test on a real piano? Possibly you are experiencing a temporary sensitivity in that range. This happened to me and it soon went away.  
resonance at 500 Hz using headphones - maybe need a different DAC?
Have you checked the possibility that it's the headphones?  
Shopping for a DAC at AXPONA
One other not on your list is the T+A DAC200. It might be on the lower end of your budget, but don't miss out on considering it.  
Importance of a DAC's elements
@ danager The Auralic streamers have the Amazon Music connections built into their Lightning software. I use it all the time.  
Limiting a full range driver
Thank you for the recent posts, but deeper in this thread I did say that I am using subs. They are Velodyne DD15's that both broke (electronics problems) so I ran drivers to banana plugs that I installed on the plate amps. Now I use a stereo Crown... 
Limiting a full range driver
Wow, some very interesting posts here. Some are the opposite of others, but I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful and honest opinions. As is usually the case, I will have to try it to find out. Well, at least I have a lot of tinkering to l... 
Limiting a full range driver
I plan on getting the UMIK-2 (the better one) because the miniDSP also has Dirac that will need measurements. I know the 8" can handle the lows, but does that prohibit the midrange from sounding its best?  
Limiting a full range driver
I am considering a miniDSP SHD Studio, all digital with no converting to analog, and then sending out to 2 DACs (OKTO DAC 8 to main speakers / Schiit Modius to my 2 15" passive subs). Amplifiers are Benchmark AHB2 for mains and a Crown Class D (75... 
Don’t look for perfection.
I thought you throw them out?  
Throw it out!
When I was young and listened to mostly rock, I would have thrown out any jazz music, today I would do the opposite. Thankfully I have kept everything in case of another "polar inversion".  
NAD M66 Digital Preamp
OK thanks.   
You don't lack bass, you have too much treble
If you EQ your system flat to 20KHz with pink noise you will likely blow your tweeters. Pink noise has a natural roll off as the frequencies get higher.  
who makes custom speakon speaker cables for the Benchmark AHB2?
Benchmark will probably make them for you. They are very nice up there.  
Velodyne DD15 - internal wiring
I took these photos before disconnecting so I would know how to hook it up again.