Found a N.O.S. boxed Thorens TD 124.


I would like your advice on a delicate matter (one that makes my bloodpressure rise) but I will first introduce myself: I am an young misiscian from Holland with good ears and a love for rather old turntables. I am new to Audiogon. It seems there are lots of people with their audiophile hearts in the right place, so I hope to find some sound advice here.
I bought (and I will not mention what I paid lest someone faint) a boxed Thorens td 124. It looks new. It ìs new. It has never played a record. It has no console or plinth. The original owner put a new Philips arm and cartridge on it years ago and then boxed it again.
I own and play a beautifully restored Garrard 301. The project is almost finished for I still should have the sme 3009 rewired and fitted with new rubbers and maybe an (even) better cartridge than the Denon 103R. I love the set. I spent around 1400 dollars. I guess it would take the same amount to get the Thorens 'up to speed'.
Then I end up with two similar sounding (?) turntables which shall have comparable arms and cartridges for more I shall not be able (in good conscious) to afford (remember: musician). Should I not rather sell the Thorens and get some money towards a Benz Wood and a nice tube preamp?
What would a new TD124 sell for? Or a fully restored 301 for that matter? Since I didn't spent much accquiring the Thorens I could maybe make a good profit in order to finance the other project.
I love the sound and looks of the Garrard but will I get more out of the Thorens musically?

Thanks for your thoughts,

If it is truly NOS and you can document that fact, it could be worth $1000s. Good luck.

Hi Mattijs,

I have a similar story, a friend gave me a TD124 in a paper bag for free. I built a plinth out of nice black walnut and I used a well tempered arm with a Denon 103R. The turntable worked great, but the sound was not any where close to what I was getting with my modified well tempered table with a low output benz glider. I blame the 103R for this, it is a great cart. for the money, but the glider at $1000 kills it. I would invest in a better cart. and preamp., consider buying used on Audiogon for a nice discount. I am now selling the glider (listed at $450) and I have sold the Thorens on Audiogon for $850, I was expecting to get more since it included the plinth and arm board, but there was no interest at $1200 and $1000. So I think the best you will get for the 124 is may be $900, unless the new in box is very attractive to buyers. I purchased a benz Ruby 3S here for $1300 and it is much better than the glider. So I would definitely invest in a better cart.

Good luck and have fun.

Hello George,

Thanks for your advice. I tend to lean in your direction. Now the matter of how much I should ask for it: Since it doesnot happen often that these are offered n.o.s. I have no clue yet what this is worth. You said about 900, someone else 1000's. It would also be the very first item I put up for sale on audiogon. A flying start but no feedback whatsoever. Thanks again,

Consider ebay with a reserve that you will accept. Compose a detailed ad with excellent pictures. The market will set the price.

Good luck,